hDuke rev18k Released! (01/october/2018)

But, what is hDuke?

hDuke is a merge of pDuke (p stands for "pure",an antihack port created by ]-[unter, it was based on dos source so no one used it nowadays) and xDuke (used to be the most used online and also closest to the original).
What the antihack does:
Map Hack - maps with eddited MUSICandSFX sprites to change the noise (intesity too!) of the doors to be easier to find the oponent cant be used with hDuke. hDuke checks the map file and game wont start if they're different.
K-Cheat (and others .EXE patchs) - hDuke checks the CRC of exe and compare with the CRC of second player if the CRC is different the game wont launch.
Sound Hack - user.con file with high volume sound to hear the player in parts of the map that normally you cant, on hDuke you cant do this.
Also, ]-[unter created an simple, but efficient
team mode. What the team mode does is to take a frag from you if you kill an teammate, and each team have an color, for now the holoduke doesnt work with the team color, but this doesnt affect the gameplay, and theres no autoaim removing (only possible with a big mess in the code) so you can still hit your teammates with it. Highligths: the nigthvision is smart when playing in team mode, it wont glow teammates; in team mode it will show messages from who killed who so everyone know whats happening in the match.
How it works:
To set it while in game, all players must type their team in console (default key is: ' ), 'team 1' for team 1, 'team 2' for team 2 and so on... up to 9 teams are supported, 'team 0' returns back to normal. If you want to set it before the game starts (its already  implemented in
Meltdown) then you will need to do 2 things: launch the game with the command line -team (to enable the -1 frag etc) and rename the names of the players to team_number#nickname (ex: Hunter to 1#Hunter if team 1). Theres also the -nochange line that blocks the team change while in game.

Other additions: Fixed autoaim of expander( now it works on the partial autoaim mode!) and a complete new (and better) version of mini-HUD (both coded by HellFire)

New addition in rev8d: hDuke now shares information with Meltdown, this allowed Meltdown to show the score of the games, people in the chat will know how is the match going while its being played, this was never seen before in any duke port.

Site maintained by HellFire, hDuke created by Luis Claudio Silva Garcia (]-[unter)

hDuke discussion topic in DNBrasil forum(you can post in english)

Download hDuke (binary only)

Download hDuke Kali (full installer)


TDM maps:

hhtdm.map (E1L1 duplicated, BETA) by HellFire


Rev18k (01/october/2018):

- Kali Support

Rev17a (24/august/2017):

- New optional fragbar (command line -newfragbar or via the game options);
- Target names;
- New spectator mode (use -spectator command line);
- Fraglimit is now saved on demos (new demo format);
- Can now choose who will be each player with the -player# commandline (e.g. -player2);

Rev15a (27/june/2015):

- K for teammates;
- special nightvision mode on team modes;
- 2 extra art files for mappers;
- fixed bugs from teamforts mode;

Rev15 (14/february/2015):

- command line -teamforts to enable special respawn;

Rev14d (27/may/2014):

- Command line -master forcing player to be player1 (only one person should set this);
- Command line -meltdown to write the files that meltdown uses (score.txt e quitlist.txt at c:\);

Rev14c (1/may/2014):

- demo with nickname on screen;
- fixed the crash when someone quits the game with more than 4 players;
- Mouse forward/backward option;
- Fixed the rare bug where someone kills 2 players at same time and the frag limit is hit;
- dnweapons command line: all players start with all weapons;
- noexpander command line: removes the expander on the dnweapons mode;
- nopistol command line: disables the startup pistol;
- Now games with more than 2 players will run at master/slave mode;
- Fixed a glitch to stop another way to do speedhack;

Rev14b (not released):

- look like 14c version but with intelligent nightvision but is very buggy ( out of syncs );
- many unstable functions;

Rev14a (1/january/2012):

- Fixed cheat/hack false positive in COOP games;
- The game clock, additional inventory hud and old strafe mode can now be set via the menus;

Rev14 (23/september/2011):

- New command line -forcerespawn (forces the respawn in multiplayer games);
- New command line -gametime (shows how much time have passed since match start);
- New command line -showitems (shows the minihud in all window modes);
- New command line -keyboardonly that deactivates mouse but allows the usage of strafe modifier (alt);
- When fraglimit is hit the "bonus" music is played;
- Now demos are still recorderd after the fraglimit is hit;
- demo.txt has a number that was a match counter but now is the fraglimit;
- New SDL added, its better in new pcs but its not recommended for low resolution users;

Rev13d (20/june/2011):

- Fixed bug with game accusing crc error when using text macros;
- Nigthvision in TDM reverted (it was buggy);
- Icon is back, yet again;

Rev13c (22/april/2011):

- Fixed the freezer bug in TDM;

Rev13b (4/april/2011):

- Fixed some crc bugs;

Rev13a (26/march/2011):

- Fixed the ¨player is ready¨ bug when playing with too many players;

Rev13 (18/february/2011):

- Fixed bug with fraglimit when someone suicides;
- Fixed bug with "score.txt" in windows 7;
- Deactivated the tickrate and tickespersecond console commands so people cant force an out of sync anymore;
- I've put the icon back (ppl like fancy things);

Rev12a (24/january/2011):

- New command line -oldstrafe for people who use the strafe comand, this is a toggle, if you turn this on the strafe left and strafe right will be disabled;
- Fraglimit API upgraded, now you can use any value, the comand line is /y##;

Rev12 (23/december/2010):

- Added support for 13 chars in nickname;
- Removed the Strafe modifier input and the support for analog gamepad, to avoid players using methods to run faster;
(Normal gamepad is intact, but if you got problems configuring it then just use the Joy2Key utility)

Rev11 (18/october/2010):

- Runs 1.4 and 1.5 Demos;
- New pal for team 8;
- New messages for fraglimit tdm, instead of team 1 wins it sais blue team and so on ;
- Less out of sync with freezer;

Rev10a (11/august/2010):

- New fraglimits of 60, 70, 80 and 90;
- Fixed internal bugs;

Rev10 (10/august/2010):

- Icon removed for stability reasons (it was causing OUT of syncs, very strange);
- When killing yourself in TDM, your frag count will be decreased as it should be (bug from rev9);
- New command line -win7 which tries to solve the Tutti-fruti color bug;

Rev9d (22/july/2010):

- Deactivated suicide negative frags in TDM to avoid some weirdness in the score;
- Now when the fraglimit is hit the demo recording stops;

Rev9c (17/july/2010):

- Fixed some critical bugs with TDM and the new score system;

Rev9b (17/july/2010):

- Fixed bug where members of team9 wouldnt score;
- Fixed some internal bugs;

Rev9 (16/july/2010):

- New comandlines for fraglimits: -fraglimit## (replace the ## with 10,20,30,40,50 or 100) ;
- Team scores are now unified;
- Pressing F1 will show score and CRC (GRP,CON,MAP,EXE)of all players;

Rev8e (30/june/2010):

- New icon in exe; (thanks to poda)
- Some internal bugfixes;
- Score will now be sent to meltdown even if windows isnt in c:\ ;
- When hduke closes automatically it will explain you the reason;
- Better version detection when startign the game;

Rev8d (14/may/2010):

- Added a function to send the scores to meltdown;

Rev8c (26/april/2010):

- Fixed an strange bug when seeing demos;

Rev8b (25/april/2010):

- Expander's autoaim now work in the partial autoaim mode, also added some code to keep the compatibility with old xDuke demos; (HellFire);
- New MiniHUD; (HellFire)

Rev8 (23/april/2010):

- New TeamDm messages: if youre player 1, and player 2 kill player 3, you will be notified;
- Nitghvision now dont glow teammates;
- Kick color now is the same as your team color;

Rev7 (7/february/2010):

- Now theres the -mousefree command line which starts the game with free'd mouse (request from Poda);
- When killing a teammate in TDM you now only loss 1 frag instead of 3;

Rev6 (6/november/2009):

- Deactivated the 'name' command while playing TDM, to avoid bugs;
- Better demo verison detection: hDuke demos now have an new byte version (246 for normal and 247 for TDM, xduke was 119);

Rev5 (3/november/2009):

- Fixed crazy bugs with the scores;
- Removed the scorescreen (in the match end) to exit faster and to avoid some bugs with win98 users;
- Now if you kill an teammate you will lose 3 frags;

Rev4 (1/november/2009):

- Some internal fixes;

Rev3 (31/october/2009):

- Added the '-nochange' command line, with it  enabled you wont be able to change your team while ingame;

Rev2 (31/october/2009):

- Added color for the teams, theyre 9 in total (the 8 original and an strange red one);
- O brilho padrao agora é o do duke original ( DefaultVisibility 512 ) só que ajustavel via cfg para o valor que desejar;

Rev1 (29/october/2009):

- Frame rate fast like xDuke;
- See Coop View only to see dmos;
- Fixed bug of nick names with numbers + team game;
- Fixed bug of change team in console now work fine;

First release (compared to xDuke 19.7.1) (28/october/2009):

- Anti cheat from his past port called pDuke;
- Team mode;